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Extreme XXX Porn Video of Layla Price on Facial Abuse

Absolutely solid scene here, fellas! Here's the deal... Layla Price is an up and coming cunt from Los Angeles. She's been on box covers and all that other shit that whores covet. Today, she goes from the West Coast to the BEST COAST. She's into the dirty nasty porn but never had it like this. Pauly's first slap set the tone... that's to let her know it's real. The second slap is to ring her bell. Then, it's full throttle face fuck until her barf is separated from her belly. Mission accomplished. He puke fucked her dirty mouth, emptying her soul... Believe it or not, the pig actually dug this shit. When we hear that, we pass 10 and go to 11. Her throat was stretched open by big knob cock, Pauly Harker. Next up... that sweet little LA girl ass. It was ripped open first by the butt plug, then by hard white cock. The scene is solid from start to finish. High energy, ball draining power fucking!!! Plus, we gave her a little treat only found on our brand... something she can talk about with her whore friends back home. We poured the bowl of vomit all over her head so she could wear it like a hat.

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